Christopher Sanderson in 2013 :: The Garden House. Saxby

The suggestion is often made that the poet needs to find a poetic space if he is to write poetry that moves him. The interior steps and stairwell, to the converted monks cells at Sant Salvador provided one such source of energy.аWe had chosen to travelаaround Majorca, staying in hotels converted fromаmonasteries. Sant Salvador was the first; On a dark night, with neither accurate map, nor sattelite directions we took many turns before choosing to head up the long and winding road. The road got narrower, and steeper, the light got darker and more claustrophobic. I was frightened then, and I have that same fear of heights about me now. We did reach the top of the mountain. And went on to more of these beautiful monastic hotel conversions. There will be a pamphlet with the poetry of this stunning vacation, but for now I point you to the latest video offering Sant Salvador

ай️Christopher Sanderson 2019